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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Equinox Sesshin

Looking for a way to deepen your Dharma practice in the midst of a busy life? Whether you’re just starting out in Zen or have been practicing for years, the upcoming three-day Step Into Spring Sesshin at Windhorse offers a chance to dive right in.

If you’ve had little or no sesshin experience, this shorter retreat will give a good grounding in the basics, to help you get going.

If you’re a veteran of many sesshins, this extended weekend of zazen is an opportunity to refresh your practice and to further deepen and integrate it into your life.
Part-time attendance is also possible. Cost for three days: Members -- $105, Non-members -- $135. 

This is the only shorter sesshin we’ve scheduled for 2012. If enough people show interest, we can add more of these to our calendar in the future.


  1. For what wear the two Super-Zennies blue robes, instead of browns? Are they something special or better than the others or wiser or "more enlightened" than the others? Why is important to them, to stand out?

    1. Barbara --
      Yes, as you've noticed, Dharma robes come in all colors and styles.

      In some Zen lines, brown is the color worn only by the teacher. In our particular lineage, ordained people (those who formally commit to serving the Dharma as a life vocation--not necessarily teachers) simply wear navy blue robes. (The fancy outfits you see in the photo only come out for special occasions here.)

      What's of far greater importance than any of this, though, is the true color of the 'Wondrous Robe of Liberation, a treasure beyond form and emptiness.' If you can see that, then neither 'Super-Zennies' (whatever they are) nor anyone else will be able to get a rise out of you!

    2. Who thinks, that this i can't see? ;-)


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